Ambient Light
Long before I owned a camera I made music, Ambient Light is an Ambient / Drone project I have been tinkering with since the beginning of the millennium. Music is just a hobby to me, something I do because it makes me feel good. I don’t claim to be a musician but I do play a little Keyboards, Sansula, Guitar and Various percussion (Udu, Doumbek, Frame Drums). Most of my recorded music is programmed though. I’ve used Apple Logic for a long time but lately I’ve started gravitating more and more towards using only Native instruments Reaktor.

My lastest full album; Tocope (from 2011) is on Spotify and various other online music services, like Google music or iTunes to name to big ones.
I do have plans to put together a compilation of drones soon, in the meantime you can find a whole lot of them on YouTube and Soundcloud.

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