• Lichen

    Lichen in January
    Sandsund, Pedersöre – January 23, 2022
    150mm – f/5,6 – Nikon D810, Sigma 150/2.8

    The winter is getting me to lose interest in photography, it’s dark and snow, that’s pretty much all there is. This one is a bit different though, the green background is pine trees and the orange is a sunset through the trees… A summery picture in January. =)

  • Winternight

    I haven’t been photographing much (or hardly any at all) lately, it’s been really cold and dark most of the day and the forests full of polar bears and dinosaurs. This is one I shot while out snowshoeing in the dark, it’s lit by my headlamp. Now it actually seems to get a little warmer (and rainier) so maybe I’ll get myself out there to shoot some “real” photos.

  • Portfolio

    Today I’ve finally got around to work a bit on this website, the portfolio images are back in again. It wouldn’t be so much work if it wasn’t for all the information that comes with all images (so you better be interested in what aperture I used for example…) I’m pretty sure no one really cares but it makes everything look much more professional and that’s a good thing I figure… It will be easier to upload the 52 landscapes series, since they have filenames that are pretty much saying what I need to know. Maybe tomorrow, my eyes are tired. =)

  • Minimal
    Strawas in snow

    Straws in snow
    Sandåsen, Pedersöre – December 28, 2021
    88mm (eqv) – f/5 – Sony RX-100 VI

    This is the time of year I struggle the most with finding subjects, everything is buried in snow and most of the day is dark. But here’s a minimal composition I found on a small lake.

  • 2022
    Happy new year
    Happy new year!

    I thought I’d start a new project on the webpage, a photography blog. I have never blogged before and I’m an expert in procrastination so this will most likely be a disaster. =)

    Julmånen (Christmas moon)
    Staraby, Pedersöre – 22 December 2021
    65mm (eqv) – f/4 -Sony RX-100 VI

    Went out for a morning hike in the local fields before the sunrise, it was about -15c so to not drain the battery of my pocket camera (Sony RX-100 VI) I shot handheld. This was my favorite from the hike.