I am THE master of procrastination so starting a photo blog is doomed to fail. But I plan to put up some recent images every once in a while, when I feel like it. If you follow any of my social media it will be the same images but I might just say something about them here too, and who knows maybe some exclusive images sometimes.

  • Northern Lights
    Northern lights – 24mm (eqv) – f/2,8 – 6x panorama – Sony RX-100 Mk.VI

    On February 11th there was really nice northern lights here, that I missed, these are from the 12th.

    Northern lights – 24mm (eqv) – f/2,8 – Sony RX-100 Mk.VI
  • Morning hikes
    Solen på Grötberget – 142mm (eqv) – f/5,6 – Sony RX-100 Mk.VI

    Every day this week I have got up early in the morning (a couple of hours before the sunrise) and went for a hike in the local woods, I love the dawn, there’s something magical with the morning light and sunrises that doesn’t happen in the evening. Pity I’m such a night-owl.

    Skoterled – 60mm (eqv) – f/5,6 – Sony RX-100 Mk.VI
    106mm (eqv) – f/6,3 – Sony RX-100 Mk.VI
  • Light pillars
    Lightpillars – 100mm (eqv) – f/4 – Sony RX-100 Mk.VI

    Icepillars, Lightpillars, Vertical halos, whatever they are called, came for a visit the first morning of february. I went for a walk in the early dawn and was planning to shoot the sunrise but this was much better. It’s on the field no more then a few hundred meters from my door. It was -16c so the battery drain on the little Sony RX-100 camera is huge, especially with long exposures like these. The sunrise was lost in clouds anyway so no huge loss… =) Going out for a pre-dawn hike today too, its cloudy and a bit warmer only -12c, so I don’t know what I will find to shoot, most likely no spectacular sunrise today.

    Lightpillars – 30mm (eqv) – f/3.2 – Sony RX-100 Mk VI
    Lightpillars – 66mm (eqv) – f/4 – Sony RX-100 Mk VI
  • Lichen

    Lichen in January
    Sandsund, Pedersöre – January 23, 2022
    150mm – f/5,6 – Nikon D810, Sigma 150/2.8

    The winter is getting me to lose interest in photography, it’s dark and snow, that’s pretty much all there is. This one is a bit different though, the green background is pine trees and the orange is a sunset through the trees… A summery picture in January. =)

  • Winternight

    I haven’t been photographing much (or hardly any at all) lately, it’s been really cold and dark most of the day and the forests full of polar bears and dinosaurs. This is one I shot while out snowshoeing in the dark, it’s lit by my headlamp. Now it actually seems to get a little warmer (and rainier) so maybe I’ll get myself out there to shoot some “real” photos.