The last year I have become interested in Generative AI (Stable Diffusion). I don’t claim to be an expert but I have installed several different apps for rendering offline. Most of my images are the result of hours of tweaking parameters, inpainting and going back and forth between “automatic1111” (a UI for Stable diffusion) and Photoshop, which makes it kind of strange when people wonder what prompt I used to make that image =)

Here’s a selection of the images I made in roughly the last year, the difference in quality is very large between oldest and last, but since they are in random order it’s not so very obvious.

There’s a lot of weird ideas associated with generative AI. That it is stealing images (which I can assure you it is NOT doing) or that it is stealing work from creative people (which it is doing). I myself has had a massive spamming attack from AI bots that created clickbait images, that it for some reason always claim it to be photos, which totally filled up my social media (and doesn’t seem to stop any time soon). It got so annoying that I almost gave up both social media and generative AI. It’s like all other new tech it first attracts the ones that like to experiment then the commercial spam bots and finally it’s accepted as just another way of doing art. I hope we get there soon because this is getting ridiculous. I see the exact same pattern as with HDR in photography, first is was a cool thing to experiment with then it became the clown vomit that was all over social media and now it’s in our cameras and phones and everyone uses it without even thinking about it. We will not get rid of AI so why not become frieds with it, it is an amazing tool.